Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Lunch Box Treats{plus a little note}

Back to school just happend yesterday around here and not having my children around all day to hug and snuggle and tell them they are fabulous when I want tugs on my mommy heart but I'm also excited for all they will learn in class, interacting with others that might not believe the same things they do, how they get to be an example of goodness in an ever darkening, synical's so exciting for me as a mom!

I decided yesterday I still wanted to be able to say I love you when they were at school so I decided to whip up a quick batch of Rice Krispie treats(they take five minutes not including cooling time but only 5 hands on minutes) & for my several mommy friends that saw me running around at the near end of the school day you know 5 minutes was about what I had.

Take the treats cut them into squares and place them on squares of Saran so(perfection is not necessary, I'm chanting this in my head as I see this not so square treat):

Wrap it up into a sweet little bundle:

Add washi tape(use a lighter color):

Write a quick little note or words of encouragement on the washi tape with a permanent marker:

Place all your wrapped treats into an air tight container and you are ready for a week or so of lunches depending on the amount of children you have!

Be Awesome, 

PS As I was doing this I had my children all thanking me for them-I know they knew I had been thinking of them and I love them.  To adjust a quote a bit "show love and if necessary use words" (but say I love you to them as much as possible too)