Monday, February 1, 2016

Seren-mom-ity {Time}

SEREN-MOM-ITY{things I have learned as a mom as I have utterly failed and picked myself up dusted myself off and tried again and then discovered a most 

I hear often from parents about their children that are acting out of character and the parents really are at a loss.  My go to question is:  How much individual time is he or she getting?  I almost always hear in response we haven't had the time because....  I'm here to tell you it as plain and simply as I can, if you have 30 minutes to watch your show, play your video game(insert whatever here...Pinterest)you have 15 minutes for your child.

    Whatever you do with them have zero distractions, no phone(note to self) and just enjoy the wonderful human being they are.  I promise if you do this one thing you will see an almost immediate change in your child.

   "In family life love is spelled TIME"
-Dieter F Uchtdorf

Be Awesome,