Monday, November 9, 2015

Seren-MOM-ity {Teach, Teach Again, Repeat}

SEREN-MOM-ITY{things I have learned as a mom as I have utterly failed and picked myself up dusted myself off and tried again and then discovered a most delightful gem}

     This week as a mom has been joyous and devastating all wrapped up with a bow on top.  My children had a 4 day weekend simply because I find it ridiculous to go to school on Monday and have Tuesday off and then back for the rest of the week so I had a quiet protest and kept my sweet little peanuts home and we had a lovely extended weekend!!!  Yes you can do that and to be honest if our school district continues to have that as a schedule it might become a new tradition in our family because it was awesome(yes I am the mom that loves snow days)!

    It is always amazing to me the highs and lows of mommyhood.  We go along and are doing great and feeling like I got this mommy thing down and then CRASH!!!  You run into something that you have never dealt with before.  You realize you taught something to your children but missed something so subtle so minuscule you would think it was unimportant but it was the most important for one of your children and that little detail being left out made for a huge mess to fix.  With tears, hugs, love, repentance, and lots and lots of teaching...had by all!  This was not only a huge growing experience for my child but for me as a mom as well.  

     It reminded me that when we are teaching our children as a group we need to think about each individual in that group and ask some questions to yourself.  How do they each learn the best?  What information do they grab onto the most..facts, testimonies of others, quotes?  Is there a child I will need to have a one off with after?  

     As moms we are teachers.  We all have wonderful effective teaching moments with our children that are glorious and then others that fall flat.  Its when we truly mess up and reflect on that error that wisdom comes into our minds.  We are NOT going to have perfect days everyday or heavenly teaching moments every time we teach as our children are rolling on the floor or rolling their eyes. Don't give up or beat yourself up over an oversight or a mistake when teaching your children because I tell you it is going to happen. Giving up only makes the situation worse and beating yourself up over a mistake in parenting only hinders the moments when pure inspiration can come to your mind.  In those moments of devastation remember you are a wonderful mom who made a mistake and it does not take away from your greatness! Dust yourself off and Teach, Teach Again, and Repeat it is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your children: taking the time to teach them! 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Seren-MOM-ity{Change It Up}

Do you know that moment in your house when you feel like the craziness might make the whole house implode?  Whininess has taken over your once delightful child?  Tears are flowing down the faces of your happiest of children and possibly your own?  Or is it just me?  If it is just me do not read on but I have an inclination it's not and it is in those moments of absolute emotional overload we question our very ability to do the thing we desired to have the opportunity to be our whole life... to be a mom.  In those doubting moments turn to the very one who gave you such a sacred responsibility and trusted you with his children in prayer{even if it is a quick one as you are running to stop disaster from happening}.

     The question is what you do next?  What you do next will impact the rest of your day, week, month and your entirety of mommyhood because its a habit.  Do you scream?  Do you retreat into a secret corner of your house and ignore the contention building in your home as the spirit is being driven away?  Do you call your husband and complain about HIS children?  Oh believe me I have done all of the above before I learned something so valuable...CHANGE IT UP!!!

     Your children are going to find it hard in those moments of tears to not laugh hysterically at mom turning the radio up really loud and dancing around like a maniac, singing off  key into a broom handle.  When the day is long and we have all had it  throwing a blanket on floor for a picnic for dinner will bring the joy right back in to your home.  In the dead of winter and everyone has cabin fever McDonalds with a playplace is  a welcome break(bring your laptop and pay bills or other online chores while they are all distracted).  I spent many of mornings at our local mall with my children playing there in the winter months.  Find a place to escape to in those cold winter or too hot to go outside months if you have them.  Throw all the blankets and pillows on the floor in front of the TV and snuggle up to a favorite movie.  Walk to a park or just walk. Stop and paint your daughters nails. Color a huge mural with them.  This list is endless.  The point is do something completely different than whatever is happening right then in the crazy.  Those change it up moments for me as a mom have been some of the most tender and relationship building with  my children.  It diffused the growing contention and grew love and relationships.  By any means I am not perfect at it and those old habits can sneak back in now and again but I am not perfect and I am becoming a better me everyday.  The key:  keep trying until you find a few change it up go tos that work for you!