Monday, October 19, 2015

Seren-MOM-ity {Never Lie}

SEREN-MOM-ITY{things I have learned as a mom as I have utterly failed and picked myself up dusted myself off and tried again and then discovered a most delightful gem}

     I have realized as of late that I have learned a lot about being a mom over the past 21+ years.  I am by no means a perfect mom and have grown to be a better one everyday.  I have made huge parenting blunders and have joyous moments of triumph.  I also have lots of friends that ask me for advice and I thought well I could share some of that knowledge here that I have in this brain of mine and maybe help other women out that feel like being a parent might be the death of them and believe me some days you are going to feel like that.  Being a mom is hard and we all need help. We all have really bad mommy days and we all have fabulous's true that mom you see over there that looks like wonder mom she has a bad day or even a bad week ..and do you know what that is okay. Your children love you more than you can ever comprehend and are so forgiving just keep trying to do better and you can be a wonder mom too(because you are)!!!

      My first thing I learned long ago was from a young single adult conference I attended.  Yep you read that right a young single adult conference and the keynote speaker was a parenting "expert", he spoke to us several times over the weekend and as a single parent I was soaking everything in.  I had no idea what I was doing as a mom and I was fascinated by his every word.  It was the first time I realized I did not need to figure this all out on my own there are books I can read.  Since that conference I have read many books and I highly recommend it but a word of advice go into reading these books prayerfully and take the nuggets of advice that will work for you and your children.   At this conference I learned a truth that has become at the heart of who I am as a mom... Never LIE to your child!

     Let me explain have you ever said I will come help you after I do this one thing and then you do 2 things?  You have just lied to your child(face palm).  Have you ever made a promise to your child and not kept it and not explained why hoping they would forget?  Again you are a liar.  This is hard to hear being called a liar but this one thing is so important about never lying to your child I want you to get it DO NOT LIE TO YOUR CHILD!!!  When you never lie to your child your words gain a whole new power that I never really understood before.  If you never much more does I love you mean, I am proud of you, you are amazing, or when you are trying to teach them something of eternal importance...if you never lie those words mean everything and they are true because you never lie.  Powerful stuff right there.  Yes we are going to make a promise we cant keep and possibly threaten to hang them from the ceiling if they argue with a sibling again, its going to happen. Going back and apologizing and explaining the situation or saying sorry for saying something that you didn't mean because you were frustrated takes that lie away.  We want our words to mean something and never lying to them gives power to your words.  Never Lie.  Give Power to Your Words they are important!

Be Awesome,