Tuesday, August 18, 2015

End After Dinner Chaos

     It's time to do the dishes and well it has been a long day and really what mom after dinner can really remember who had what dishes assignment last?  Or maybe it's just me.
     In my efforts to get my home all ready for back to school time I whipped up a cute little chart using items I had in my house and in less than 5 minutes!

Items Needed:
Mini Clothes Pins
Permanent Markers
Piece of Cardstock 
A Magnet

Cut 1.5 inches off the end of a piece ofcardstock  and fold it into however many sections of little helpers you have.

Write one or 2 jobs in each section using your marker.

Using different colored markers color the tops of the clothes pins.  Clip one pin on each job and assign a color to your helpers.  

Use the magnet to hang it in your kitchen.

This was a super simple and quick solution to an issue in my home.  I hope you find it useful in ending your after dinner craziness!

Be Awesome,