Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Teacher Appreciation ~ Succulent

     Teacher Appreciation Week is in full swing around here and with my 2 youngest having teachers other siblings have had before coming up with new small gift ideas was key and they needed to be easy.

     We have this fabulous boutique where I live and they have a garden bar.  I'll repeat a garden bar.  If you are scratching your head, I'll explain.  They have an assortment of planters, succulents, rocks, and add-ons.  You grab a tray and start planting.  My kids love it and I knew they would be excited to give their teachers a plant.  I ran there and put together a couple of succulents in cute little pots:

THE Cutest right?!?  The gold dinosaur TO DIE for!!!

     I found these fabulous bags at Marshalls:

and added a cute little printable I made using the Rhonna Designs App.

     If you are like me you use your phone for everything.  You can easily use the printable yourself.  Take a screen shot of the printable.  Edit it in you cameras edit setting.  Then print to your printer or what I do is print to Walgreens using there app.  It is so simple to use for little projects like this!

    Go ahead make a printable, get your hands a little dirty and make your child's teachers day!!!

Be Awesome,