Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Thrift Store Decor

Hello my faithful Serendipity readers...I went on a bit of a hiatus.  I needed some time to figure out what I wanted my blog to be now that my children are in school and that took more time than I anticipated but I wanted it to be right and reflect me as a woman, mom, and creative being.  I love to create and I have found I love to create beautiful spaces that are useful and have a purpose and have meaning and most definitely Serendipitous!!! I will continue to share family favorite recipes and fun creative things to do with your children but primarily I will be blogging about making your home and life reflect you!  One of my new series will be thrift store decor and I am super excited about it so lets get down to the gorgeous thrift store find!

I love to decorate!  Good decor can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars(but I'm not parting with my money so easily).  I truly believe in spending my decor dollars wisely and saving that money for a piece of furniture I LOVE and makes a statement.  It doesn't have to be a piece of furniture that makes the statement though...

 I gathered these vases from one of our local thrift stores and do they make a statement for $7.00!!!! One wouldn't be so great  but a group of anything(keep it in odd numbers and different sizes help too) makes a huge impact.  Then when I added them to my other thrifty finds and a Star Wars quote...one word SERENDIPITY!!!

If you are adding pink flowers to your bedroom office, the office your husband requested be added to your design to save your marriage add a Star Wars quote and he will be just fine with the flowers!!!

Find Your Serendipity,