Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Be Excellent At Reading {BEAR}

     Every summer I come up with our families own reading program for over the summer.  The kids love it so much we actually continue it through the school year as well.

     This year is B.E.A.R.= Be Excellent At Reading.  I made a punch card bookmark using Microsoft Word for each kiddo for them to check off or punch when they read the determined amount of minutes(this year is 30 minutes for all...30 minutes of quiet time during the day in the summer moms, it is just the break you need in the middle of the day, don't get me wrong I love my children dearly but a bit quiet time is a must for me).

     When they have punched 5 spaces they earn their bear treat(gummi bears)!!!

      I love this simple easy reading program that keeps them reading all summer and most importantly so do the kids!!!



Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kids Do

     My boys have a high level of self preservation.  This might be due to several sets of stitches and broken bones in their younger years and as a mom of boys this makes me a bit relieved.  On the other hand anything that might cause harm is a bit scary and they are tentative about.  There have been times like going down a water slide we have had to give a little push but for the most part we let them do things at their own pace. Such is the case of riding a bike without training wheels.  I however did give it a little push when I signed them up for a triathlon!!!  
     With the triathlon looming our youngest insisted the training wheels come off and he was going to learn to ride his bike.  There were lots of fearful tears and cries of I'm afraid and to be honest I was getting frustrated and needed a break.  
     After our ten minute cool down we were back in the garage getting the helmet and bike.  I walked ahead of him and realized he was not following so I turned around and I saw my sweet boy on his knees praying, it is one of those moments that will be engraven on my memory and heart forever.  It was such a sweet and humble reminder to me when we are afraid, struggling, sad, confused, heart broken, frustrated there is someone that understands 100%. We have a Heavely Father that knows us and loves us in our finest hour and our weakest moments, he is always there!  
     I'm reminded of the scripture in the New Testament, Matthew 18:3 "become as little children".  It is in these moments I am grateful I am a mom to learn to become humble as a child, to learn to pray with such faith in the simplest things of my everyday life, to know He is there, He will bring peace to my heart, He can direct my path, and He can help me ride my bike(which he became a pro within 10 minutes of his prayer and I can say after I was completely calm and I knew exactly how to teach him).