Thursday, May 8, 2014

Organizing- The Homework Room

     When we were looking for a new home a couple years ago the one thing I did not want was wasted space.  In my mind a formal dining room was just that a waste.  Especially with homes built in the last 20 years having large eat in spaces are common but always there was the dining room to go with it.  My husband loved our home from the minute we walked in, I on the other hand was overwhelmed with lots and lots if wasted space.  I took the weekend to go over every square inch of space in what could be our new home and make sure how we really live would work in this new space without feeling like I we were being overindulgent and wasting.  It came down to the dining room and then it occurred to me I am always having the children pack up their homework to set the table for dinner...(light bulbs are everywhere above my head with exclamation points dancing all around)...A HOMEWORK ROOM!!!!  

     I have been working in here for about 9 months(as soon as I started a huge project came my way that I couldn't pass up and so my completely torn apart homework room just sat) until now.

    Here is the first of many little projects for our homework room.  I have had these baskets for 12 years they have held everything from diapers and wipes to FHE folders to books to toys to craft supplies and they need a little tlc as you can see:

I found this great burlap for $3.00 for a yard:

I cut it to wrap around the basket and using some spray adhesive and a hot glue gun we have this:

    I love it when you can take something you have and for $1.50 give it new life!!!  

     What are you going to give new life to around your home?

Be Awesome,


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