Thursday, March 20, 2014

Organizing All The Hairstuff

       If you have a girl like me you know what I'm talking about the mounds of entangled hair accessories, trying to find 2 of the same barrette, etc... Well my daughter and I both had it and so we grabbed all the hair items, a towel, a garbage, a ziplock bag, label maker, her caboodle, and a package of small containers from the dollar tree(I keep a stash of these) and headed to the living room floor. 

    We laid out the towel and then dumped them all out and started making piles...barrettes, bobby pins, fancy bobby pins, elastics, etc...  Then we sorted further keepers, donate(these went in the ziplock bag to go to our locale women's shelter thrift store)and garbage.

     We figured out how we were going to store everything in the caboodle then started labeling the tops of the containers and the caboodle tray.  About 30 minutes later we have what you see in photo above and doing hair in the morning has become so much easier.