Saturday, October 26, 2013

Yummy Mummy

       I teach the 4-5 year olds at church and can I tell you one of my favorite callings at church bar none!!!!!  This week they have their big Primary Program(where all the children share what they have learned this year)  and it can be a bit intimidating for some of the younger kiddos.  Some adults have a hard time speaking in front of big groups so I can imagine as a child speaking in front of over 200 people can be quit scary.  For their bravery I feel like they deserve a special treat.  Not to mention it is just before Halloween and I love Halloween goodies!

     To make these easy treats all you need is:

Miniature Hershey bars(this can be anything rectangle shaped)
crepe paper cut in half length wise
googly eyes
glue stick
double sided tape
black card stock cut into 4ths
white marker

     These go together very quickly once you have everything prepared.  I start by cutting a long piece of crepe paper and then folding it without creasing it in half and then cutting length wise in half.  Then using a paper cutter cutting the card stock to 4x5.5 pieces.

     Now you are ready to get busy.  You take a Hershey bar and start wrapping it in the crepe paper from the top until it is entirely covered.  Take your glue stick and put some glue on the bottom back of the bar which will be covered in crepe paper and then glue the end of the crepe paper to the back and trim off any excess.  Flip it over and glue the eyes on.  Tada you have a mummy!!!  Set it aside and repeat until you have made all you mummies.

     On the back of the mummy place a strip of double sided tape and tape the mummy down onto one side of the card stock.  Again repeat until all the mummies are attached to the cards.  Then you can write with the white marker anything that comes to mind.  It can simply say Happy Halloween!

     Enjoy I know your little ones will!!!

Be Awesome,