Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Water Wall

 It is hard to believe that for us school will be out in one week and so I  started getting ready for that blessed event about a month ago. 
Writing down ideas, coming up with plans, doing some research and ordering a couple of items to enrich our summer days.
 We live .1 miles away from the city park and diagonally from a church with a cute park, which is what attracted us to this neighborhood in the first place was all the fun things we could walk or ride our bikes to.  This being said I don't feel like we need to have a big play structure in our yard, I promised a friend long ago I would never get a trampoline(his brother broke his neck on one), and having a membership to a pool crosses that off the list.  I love out yard being open for games of tag, croquet, the kids gardens, kicking a soccer ball around, etc....
I do though want some fun things for our children to do in our own yard so I let them go through my board on pinterest and pick something fun to add to our yard and they chose a water wall!!!
I had 2 pallets and I could see how I could make them work for the water wall and then headed to the dollar store to get some lemon and lime containers and tubes to add to our water wall, we also used some recycled containers as well. 
Onto the how to via pictures:


and viola a water wall has been created and ready for some summer fun:


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