Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Bucket List - 2013

I am one of those mom's that can't wait for school to get over with and am getting super excited to see the end getting closer and closer.  My children have requested we skip the rest of the school year and I am right there with them. 
When they woke up this morning and came downstairs all their papers they are so proud off were gone and in their place was the.....

I printed off a list of things my children love to do from a word document onto plain old printer paper and then cut out the words and then glued them with a glue stick onto leftover scrapbook paper.  Then I cut that out leaving a small frame.  Like so....
(sorry for the pics, no natural light down in this area of the house) This is where I have the kids put their school work they are most proud of during the school year.  I removed that and added all the cards for our bucket list and added a bucket too.

I wrote the list first and then asked the kids what they would like to do this summer...guess what I nailed the list...high fives for me!!!  We need them as moms sometimes, whose kidding all the time!!!
Parts of our bucket list are very specific for our area and my children so if there are park days on Monday that is on the card as well.  I will put the entire list at the end of the post so those that do live in our area can take a looksy and join us if you want and so can everyone else if they need some ideas.

I have three very different younger children and so to make this work without tears or fighting or hearing, "I never get to do what I want to do" can hear that right moms, please tell me it is not just me!!!   We will rotate who is picking(they will NOT forget it is their turn believe me) and we will pick one card per day during the week and place it in the bucket.  When we run out of cards we will put all the cards back and start again. 

This is a great way for us to do something fun everyday after we accomplish our lists and school activities and I am hoping I will not hear, "I'm Bored!" all summer long!!!
Bucket List 2013
Science Experiment
Art Project
Dow Gardens(picnic Wednesday)
Whiting Forest
Bike Ride
Farmers Market(Wednesday morning)
Play a Sport
Outdoor Movie Night with friends
BBQ with friends
Go to the Track(yes we have runners0
Cooking School
Walk to get Slurpees
Fun Zone
Chippewa Nature Center
Center for the Arts
Pool Day
Park Day(Mondays)


  1. I really like this idea! I think I'll be adding it to the projects for me to do in the near future.

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