Monday, June 10, 2013

{simple} Teacher Gifts

 I so LOVE this idea for teachers gifts.
I happen to read with all of the children in all of my children's classes 5 times a week and I can tell you the books in the classroom take a beating for sure. 
 When I was thinking about what to get the teachers for an end of the year gift my mind went immediately to the tattered pages of those loved books.
 I  bought 2 of my children's favorite books from that school year and tied them into cute little bundles using bakers twine(about twice a year they have a fab deal on it at so worth following them on facebook). 
I added a gift card to our local book store onto a piece of cardstock with glue dots with a little saying on the top: {Some books for the kids/A book for you/ Just saying thanks for all you do!!!}
Then I just put a hole in the top corner using a hole punch and tied it to my bundle of books!
Closer look at top of tag:
So simple and I wish I would have taken a picture of my children's faces when I told them they were giving these books they so love to their teachers....
it was priceless and such a genuine joy filled their souls!!!


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