Monday, June 10, 2013

End of School Year Treat Bags


     I volunteered to make treat bags for the 4th grade End of School Year party.  With 27 students and the desire to keep the cost to a minimum and to encourage them to read over the summer I came up with this little note to the children:

You spent all year becoming a SMARTIE
and maybe a little NERDy(in a fabulous way).
Summer is no time to become a DUM DUM.
Take time this summer to grab a book and a drink.
POP down under a tree and take a SIP before
you take your mind on a wonderful adventure,
MARKing your path as you go on amazing journeys
to the most awesome places!!!
     I printed them 4 to a page in a word document with a simple font so the younger children would be familiar with the text.  I then cut them out along with colored cardstock a bit larger to create a frame.
     Oh and remember what I said about 27 children that rapidly grew to 96 because if you do it for one child around here you do it for all and so we made a little assembly line:

Here are the items we put into the bags:
SMARTIE= smartie
NERDy= nerds
DUM DUM= dum dum suckers
POP= a frezzy pop(unfrozen)
SIP= smoothie straw
MARKing= a bookmark

     I made the book marks by simply cutting cardstock 2X5.5 inch strips.  I use the clear stamp blocks to add stamps too so you can see precisely were you are stamping and Michaels has several to choose from that are fabulous for $1.00. then stamping the word read onto each one and then stamped on the series of arrows.  I did this separately because the two stamps were different thicknesses.

Once the bags were filled I simply stapled them shut with card stock and little note to the top.

The thought of doing 96 bags including making 96 bookmarks seems like a daunting task but to be honest it was a fabulous time spent as a family.  To better understand, this is how this project went down:  While I cut the first several pages of bookmarks my hubby was doing the dishes and so we were chatting and the kids were picking up their toys.  Once David was done with dishes he came over and finished the cutting while I began to stamp and then he cut the little notes out too.  We finished at almost the same time and then we set up the table for an assembly line while the kids got jammies on.  Then the assembly line began and we soon found out that my job took longer than everyone elses so whenever I got backed up by 10 bags they would stop and run and tidy up a room in the house until I was caught up.  This continued until we were done.  The whole project probably took about a hour but in that time the dishes and toy area were picked up and every room on the main level of our home was picked up.  The kids were excited to get the bags done for their parties, I was happy I wasn't up all night and that the house was picked up as well.  I think so often as moms we do get so overwhelmed by life and kids and things we need to do or feel we need to do or want to do but if you really think out of the box and go with the flow of things you can accomplish so much if you work together!!!



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