Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Cleaning for Kids

     Some ideas just come to me but most ideas are sparked by seeing something.  I have always had some sort of something FUN for the kids to help me clean up with...remember the googly eyes on the dustpan???  They however are getting older and so they are capable to help more.  I was in the Dollar Tree recently and as I was running out something caught my eye but I had no time to ponder there usefulness then.  Fast forward a couple of weeks and the idea sparked by a glance at these was complete. 

     I bought all coordinating items and baskets to match along with little clips that match as well.  I also bought Method green cleaners for safety for my kiddos hands.  Each basket has different cleaning jobs attached to it using the clip(lists not done at time of pictures). I love the cute little bee, ladybug, and frogs on these cleaning tools...ADORABLE!!!

    Here are the lists(I just hand wrote them on index cards, nothing cutsie)
 that coordinate with each basket:

Green-baseboards, floors, walls  Red-sinks, tubs, vacuum(its red)  Yellow- windows and walls too 

We bought a small vacuum cleaner just under 2 years ago for about $35.00 at a local big box store
and it has been perfect for the kiddos to use to vacuum their rooms. 
The plan is that we will work room to room together getting them all clean and fabulous.  The first part of the process is underway it is called cleaning out!!!
Funny little note...the morning after I put these together I had them sitting on the table ready for me to add cleaners to them.  When I came home from the gym this is what I saw.  Yes fun cleaning supplies do work.  I don't know what it is but they love them.  Everyday since this picture at least one of the baskets has been hauled off to do some cleaning by each of my kiddos. 

Now this didn't happen over night nor is my house the cleanest thing around but I have taught them to have pride in their home, that you can feel the spirit more fully in a clean environment, you feel better in general when your home is more put together, and we should have a "house of order".   I want to state again our house is NOT the cleanest or most organized.  I do have weeks like spring break were we did nothing but have fun and the house(the basement playroom in particular) took a back seat to FUN!!!  I paid for it so did they it took 2 weeks to pick it all back up but that time together was worth it.  I also choose fun over cleaning most of the time...I will have a perfectly clean house when they are gone until then I will make cleaning together as fun as possible!!!


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