Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reading with Children....Where to Begin?

    This post and several others about one of my favorite topics reading and specifically reading with children has been on my mind.  I had the posts all set in my mind what they each were going to be about and then I started running a fever.  If you do not know this after you have pneumonia when you get sick the next time you get really sick and luckily for me I did not get pneumonia again but I did run a fever for 5 days and then had a little reprieve for a few days and then a fever again for 2 days.  Now that I am back to feeling a bit like myself and caught up around here, well as much caught up as someone who avoids housework like the plague and has 3 children at home can be...I feel like I can write my next post about reading with children.

     This is just the basics to get you started on a path to reading with your children and cultivate children that LOVE to read or at least tolerate it!!!

     As parents we want our children to be at the same level as their classmates at the very least when it comes to the world of academia but not all children are the same so that is note one...children are NOT all the same.  One of my children before they were 2 knew all the letters in the alphabet, upper and lower case and knew what sound they made.  Now notice I said one.  One of my other children at that same age barely spoke 50 words.  Even in homes children are vastly different and that is okay.

     Now that we are okay with where our child is at, the next question I ask myself is what do they love?  One of my children hated reading and to this day is not a huge fan but you could get him to read anything about animals, another one loved a field trip to an old homestead and books in that era became her favorites, another one has a thirst for knowledge so anything non-fiction is right up his ally, and the other one doesn't care as long as it is not too hard for him and he likes to read about things that are familiar to him.

      You know what they love and so now is the fun part finding books to match their loves.  Your local library is a great resource but you can also find inexpensive books at used book stores, garage sales, and even has great deals at times. 

     Have the books available to them, in a basket, on a shelf just for them, a bin, a cabinet, somewhere in your home where they can have access to them whenever they want. 

    Not all children are drawn to books so set aside some time everyday to read to them, with them, or have some time for them to read by themselves once they are old enough.

    If you really have a child that hates reading...reward them for it.   I do have a 2 fold reward system for my own children and they don't hate it but it has been a huge blessing for me as a mom.  1. They earn computer or TV time on Friday and Saturday for reading(I will blog about that little system at another time) and  2. They earn a book worm(gummi worms) for meeting their goal time everyday, I have this system in place for a long time and  . I like that one is a immediate reward and the other is more long term earning.

   To kind of wrap this whole thing up remember children are not all the same and that is okay, find their love and find books to go with it, have them easily available to them, set aside time everyday, and reward them in whatever way works best for your family.

     Teaching your children to love reading is one of the best gifts we can give our children.  There are a million adventures out there and they all can start by turning a page in a book!!!

    On Monday I am going to share some of our favorite books around here!!!!