Friday, March 1, 2013

Foyer {before/after}

 photo 7b316809-07a3-449f-b464-35de13afc767_zps92d4fa86.jpg

After redoing the stairs, I impulsively redid the foyer, the very next day. Nope it is not a misprint, I know right me impulsively did something to my home but I did. I usually think it through, debate it for months, come up with a plan...this was completely different. I am usually very safe with my decorating, don't get me wrong I am an out of the box thinker but I consult pinterest, the web, magazines, other blogs and then combine those ideas into my own.  This time I went with my gut, what I love, what is me(I of course considered my hubs loves too).
Lets back ups a couple of years.  I decided I need to figure out what my style was.  This did not happen over night it was a couple of years in the making.  It first started when I read an article describing New Rustic which I will say does sum up my decorating style but not completely so I did some hands on research...
 I have always had a home budget but I juggled some numbers around taking from my personal clothes budget and added it to my home budget for a few months(yes so if you have seen me wearing the same clothes and they are looking a little worn out you know why) and then I started collecting.  If I saw something I loved I bought it.  Once I had a collection of about 10 items I realized I love color, fun and playful, and something unexpected. I loved these things but was I brave enough to incorporate them into my home...I didn't quite know.
Then I started following a couple of blogs Vintage Revivals and Makely School for Girls.  They are bold decorators and inspired me to not be like them but to be myself do what I love so to  Mandi and Lindsay   I say Thank You!!!
Here is my Foyer before...yep safe, unloved really....I just didn't love it so with the new stairs {which still make me smile} complete,  the space near the stairs need to make me smile too.  I actually have 2 foyers like spaces one straight ahead from the front door and one to the right of it.  I redid the foyer to the right when we first moved in so I we could be organized when school started. It is more utilitarian but still has pops of color and unexpected too. Back to the Foyer that is straight ahead from the front its sad state of unhappiness and unfun.  Yep you have to feel so uplifted when you walk into your home and see a basket full of stuff to take car of....

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I first started by painting which makes the biggest impact.  I used the color Rich Navy by Glidden, I used that color on the stair risers and fell in love with it.  For some reason when you take a picture of it, it looks more true blue than navy but it is navy trust me and here are the after shots with some of the items I purchased in my discovering my style shops:

 photo 0266b425-e1b5-4893-a831-7f59d09dc023_zps38104e19.jpg
I had this chalkboard cabinet I found at Hobby Lobby elsewhere in the house and decided to do a swap a roo with the table and it has found its new home.  The cabinet holds some of our favorite games in it and is in a perfect spot to grab a quick game to play before bed.  Next I grabbed some of my Ball canning jars which I have been collecting from antique stores and as my luck would have it a garage sale that was selling them for $2 a piece and added them to the top. 

 photo bbdc3f8f-6210-4253-a4b4-2c1362ee7087_zps954b89ab.jpg
I had this rustic gold picture frame and framed one of our family pictures.  If you look closely this is not a posed picture, it is at a point where we were taking a break and letting the kids make silly faces and it is by far my favorite picture because it is just us being us!!! 

 photo a6737799-04e4-489b-8f17-c0b76443d9eb_zps4d01f0c2.jpg
The letter K I found at Marshalls, it is made out of pieced together scrap metal and when I saw it I knew my hubby would love it(he does by the way)

 photo 7a11a250-8697-4aed-994b-734d87fbf874_zps4b527d67.jpg
I found this fabulous framed key at Marshalls as well as the large starburst mirror!  I love the mirror and key for their color, rusticiness and utility in the space.  How many times do we hunt down our keys?  Well this framed key has secret it holds out spare keys for emergency use ONLY(yes I am talking to a certain someone)!
Here is the wall in its almost completed state.  If you see to the left of the K there is a piece of paper taped to the wall..well we are waiting for a special order piece to arrive in the mail and I am super excited about it.  I also didn't address this larger than life tag and when I saw it I knew I needed it in my home. I stared at it for over 10 minutes and figured out exactly what I would need to buy to replicate it. Then I remembered that my time is important and spending the amount of time I would have needed to make this little gem of awesomeness in the end would not be worth the time away from my kiddos and so I spent the money.  In the end I probably spent $15 more dollars on it than I would have needed to get the supplies to make it and so I feel like it was a steal!!! It is hanging from a knob from the lovely ladies at Pick Your Plum...I love their grab boxes and I found that little treasure nestled in one of them.

 photo 699778cc-3809-4750-969b-2974299739d3_zpsaf46f263.jpg
After the paint dried over night.  It took me about 1 hour to finish it!  It really just came together quickly, as I stood back admiring my work and as days went by and I was walking through it I realized it came together so easily because I loved it!  It was me on the wall staring back at me and I actually teared up like I am right now. 
I said it when I talked about the stairs.  Love it!!!  Truly love it, have it be you on the wall, floor, couch.  When you look at it is it representing you.  I promise you will never regret it.  You won't waste money on fads, whats in right now.  You also won't be wasting time either because you will love it and want to leave it that way, for awhile anyways!!!
Be Awesome,



  1. I LOVE YOU! I love that you followed your gut and went for what makes you happy. Girl, THAT is how you have decorating success in your home. It's all about figuring out what you love and just going for it. I am so, so proud of you!

    And Rich Navy is a personal favorite of mine!

    Off to go read more about the staircase!

    1. Lindsay,
      Thanks for the HUGE HUGE made my heart smile!!!


  2. I am amazed. That turned out so great! Congratulations - your impulse was a success! I'm glad you discovered your style. It's very fun! :)