Friday, February 22, 2013

The Stairs : AFTER

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They are finally done and can I say it has definitely been worth the wait.  If you want to read about how the stair project came to be you can go here to read all about it. 
Once I realized the stairs needed to be completely redone I went online and did some research to decide what I wanted to do.  Did I want to be out there, or not so out there but super  colorful, or did I want to play it safe.  I went around and around about it for months, when I say months I mean from June until November..5 MONTHS.  I finally took the plunge and called  a friend that happens to own a building company and I know they do beautiful work. I knew this was something I did not want to tackle on my own.  We met went over the details, my vision, and then I waited for a bid. 
December came about we had a bid and now I needed to meet with the finish carpenter.  In the midst of this my mom was admitted to the ICU and so a lot of phone tag happened.  We finally came up with a time to meet and  can I tell you I absolutely love him.  I am sure we will be working together again someday soon.  He really understood what I wanted and so we were ready to start but first ordering some special order pieces had to happen.  Once everything was in it went quite quickly.  Jason came did super precise measurements of everything and left me with the risers to paint while the treads would be finished at the shop.
Here is the before:
 photo cb2d1f5f-b133-4110-ad80-ae66054a1759_zps6a7915ca.jpg
Before the work could proceed I need to paint the trim up the stairs and the banister.
We chose Glidden Duo white on white in satin for the trim and banister(which means now I am locked into painting all the trim in the house).  This was a long process it took three coats and several hours over many days.  Next on my list painting the risers. 
I honestly had the hardest time with this and not the painting, the painting was a snap but deciding on ALL of the colors. I knew I wanted to do 3.  
 I had my red color( cocktail dress by Valspar in satin), this was a color decided long ago for another project and to help with the flow of the house it will be in every room on the main level somewhere, have I mentioned I LOVE red!!!  Yes, yes I know green is the color this year but I don't love green, I love red. When it comes to home décor and projects you need to do what makes you happy not what is in trend...what YOU love, what puts a smile on YOUR face!   
 I had my light blue color(arctic blue by Glidden in satin) which is the color I painted my family room and eventually my kitchen will be painted this color as well.  When you walk in to the family room you just go AHHH and want to cuddle with a blanket in front of the fireplace...I think this blue is named wrong I think it should be named serenity.
 I knew I wanted to do a beige color and this is where I hit a wall.  This is the color I will eventually paint the living room, foyer, the walls up the stairs, and the hallway upstairs and so I felt very overwhelmed by this decision.  I even had considered grey.  I have a grey I love and have painted other rooms in my old house grey but I am over grey even though it is everywhere right now.  After several trips to the paint stores around town and research online I decided with antique beige by Glidden in satin.  I know, I know beige is boring but I am one that wants a blank canvas to fill with colorful accents and so a nice neutral is what I wanted.  I don't know if I love this color or not.  It is paint after all and if I end up not liking it I guess I will tape it off and paint over it.  The luxury of can fix it.
I assigned each color a number 1-3 and put it through a  random number generator.  This is a free handy tool when you want true randomness in the order of something.  Humans tend to put things in a pattern and this is not what I wanted at all I wanted it to be random.  I however I  ran my numbers through several times because yes I did want it random but I did not want any colors that were the same touching. I took over 21 tries to get them all separated but it is as simple as clicking on a button to redo it.  Now I was set to paint.  I had my paint colors, I had the risers, and I had the order.
  I decided at the very last moment and when I say last moment, I was putting the paint on my tester riser and I decide to go with 4 colors...WHAT CRAZINESS!!! My husband thought I lost my mind.  Here I had fretted over this project for months, debated over style, color and had it all planned out and at the last minute I made a change to my well thought out plan.   Yep I did and can I tell you I am so glad I did.  The fourth color I added was rich navy by Glidden in satin.  I left my practice painting and ran the number generator with 4 numbers instead of 3 and came up with a new pattern.  Then I got to work painting the risers.  I use a cabinet roller when I am painting wood, it leaves a smooth finish when it dries.
As I was getting everything done here, it got really cold and remember the stairs that were being finished in the shop they were taking forever to dry between coats and so it was pushed back a week and then Jason had a baby girl so we were pushed back a bit again, no worries because I was having a case of the nerves about the whole thing.  I am a very visual person.  I want to see it and even touch it before I buy and so here in my head was this vision and I didn't know if it was going to work out how I saw it in my mind.
Well the morning came and the stairs were going to be done and can I tell you I was a ball of nerves still and then the first 3 stairs were done and I was getting super excited.  David and I left for lunch which was a good thing because I was hovering.  What can I say I like to see my vision come together and when someone else is doing the work, I still want to see it come together. When we came back all the new stairs and risers were in.
 photo e39d3102-de65-480e-b3d5-6e1ef8385a1f_zps00b5b1c1.jpg
Can I tell you I stood and stared at those stairs for 5 minutes and I could not quit smiling not for one second.  I just stood there and stared at that vision in my head right in front of me. I could taouch it too, and I did!!!   It is so hard to explain that feeling when you see your vision in a very tangible form in front of you. 
Here they are my fabulous, fun stairs:
 photo a7985b10-83f8-4dd6-a553-5a5d398da1b1_zps22e0a859.jpg

 photo bf6c8432-b26a-4038-a1b4-4456ea843291_zps938da447.jpg
What I am learning about creating a home you love, it truly needs to be what YOU love.  Trends come and go.  Black walls are popping up all over, green accessories, chevron stripes, yep it is all over the place but if you do not absolutely adore it don't do it!!! You will change it in short order. You will take time unnecessarily away from your children, your spouse, you will waste money, and effort.  Do what inspires you, what puts a smile on your face, what you love!!!  I promise if you do what you love you will be happier for it and love your home and it makes all the difference in your everyday life when you love where you are most of your days!!!


  1. I love how you say to make the home, your home. It is so true. :) I love keeping up and in touch with you. You are truly amazing!

    1. Katrina, I am glad we havekept in touch somehow all these years...but I wouldn't be nearly as amazing without your service to me over 16 years ago so Thank you because you are a blessing!