Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Days, Rainy Days, or Any Day {Make a Memory}

     We have not had a full week of school since before Christmas break and can I tell you I LOVE it!!! But and yes there is a but when it is an unplanned day off of school and I need to change my plans for the day even though I love it I go into a bit of a panic for a moment.  I like to take advantage of having the kids home and I like to have a plan of something fun to do, even though it might be a simple plan, a plan is something I find comfort in...what can I say I am a planner!!!  To appease my planner persona and go with the flow of the unexpected I have come up with a list of go to activities that are simple, don't require a lot of preplanning, and also don't require things I don't have around the house(because I have them now, yes the planner in me is prepared...AHHHHH)

1.  Snow Day Donuts...a simple tradition and all it requires is oil, refrigerator biscuits, and powdered sugar(frosting and sprinkles if you would like too).  Heat oil, stretch out dough, put a hole in the middle with your thumbs, place dough in hot oil, approx. 30 seconds, remove from oil, place on paper towel lined plate and dip into powdered sugar or frost and sprinkle.  Easy and the kids LOVE it!!!

2.  Build a our old home we did it outside...ahhh hot chocolate and smores around a fire while playing in the snow outside can't be beat in my book except by building a fire in your fireplace and doing the same thing in the warm indoors after playing outside building forts, snowmen, angels and I have been known to start a snowball fight or 2(ok I always start them).  Our new family favorite is to gather around the fire and I read the children a story..right now we are reading Willawaw, yes I gave up on reading Oliver Twist it made my brain hurt.
3.  Painting....I love to paint and so I always have paper(you can get end rolls from a local print shop and usually for free) and paint available in our art/science room. 
 4.  Window kids love to be able to draw all over the windows and lets be honest I know I don't wash them enough anyway, this is the perfect time.  We use Crayola Window Markers and they work fabulously!!!

 5.  Popcorn...pop some up and snuggle with your kiddos and watch a movie.  Turn the phone off, computer, and snuggle with your kids.  They LOVE it!!!
6.  Balloon Projects...decorate them with a crazy face(use permanent marker), make them into a rocket(tape a straw to the top of the balloon, blow up balloon and hold air in, cut a long  piece of string, thread through the straw, have 2 people hold each end of the string or tie it to something and let go..weeee , blow them up in an unexpected way(vinegar in a pop bottles add baking soda, put balloon over top to seal it up and see what happens), or bat them around with PAPER PLATES.
7.  Paper Plate can go online and search paper plate crafts and I tell you, it is a bit overwhelming.  There are a ton of fabulous ideas out there and all you need are paper plates best $2.00 you will spend!!!
 8.  Picnic...throw a blanket on the floor and eat your is so simple but so memorable and no table to wash off just pick up the blanket and throw it in the washer!!!
9.  Games...our family loves games and remember that fire I was talking about this where we play our games on snow days right in front of the fire...some of our families current favorites are...BANG!, Apples to Apples, Settlers of Catan Jr, and Uno Roboto!!!
10.  Play..just play with them with the toys they have, be on the floor and play!  I am guilty, I don't do this enough but when I do this is when we have our best talks and bonding moments.