Saturday, February 2, 2013

A New Year A New Name

     In my last post you were able to learn a bit about my life over the last 18 months.  Over that time I on a number of occasions considered not blogging any more but something kept driving me to continue.

      I recently had the opportunity to go away for a girls weekend(thank you friend for the weekend) and I took that time to hang out, do some projects for my daughters room, and most importantly look at my life and create some goals for myself and my family.  My husband and I talked on the phone one evening after I had created my main list of goals and one of the topics was blogging.  It actually was the one item we talked about the most because it was the one thing I was the most undecided about.  It was him actually that convinced me that having a blog was a good thing for myself and my family. 
     1.  It keeps me ever mindful of doing fun things with the kids
     2.  It keeps me always having a goal
     3.  It keeps me creating which makes me happy

Yep I have the best husband ever for encouraging me to continue to blog and pointing out all the above reasons, which are all good reasons and he also pointed out how they also went hand in hand with my other goals for the year.

      With blogging now on my goals list for 2013 and really need to come up with a plan and I have.  I am actually really excited about it.  Number one if I am going to do something I like to do it well or not at all so I need to make my plan for blogging doable for me.  I can't have a regular schedule for blogging it is just not me.  What is me is spontaneous...I will get an idea and I will do it.  I of course have to do lists like anyone else and plans for my home like anyone else but those plans are carried out when I have the time to do it which is not on a schedule.  My blog is going to spontaneous and irregular and that I can do well.  It is going to be full of all the things I love home décor, cooking, fun with my kids, and a lot more I can imagine. 

      I love the name of my blog Sweet Serendipity but guess what so do lots of other people, a coffee shop in NewYork for instance and this is why I am going to need to change the name of my blog.  After lots of thoughts and pondering.  I knew I would keep the word serendipity because it honestly describes my creativeness perfectly.  As I thought about it more and more it hit me the answer is me.  I have had a nickname since I was born, my dad called me jewels and still does to this day so without further ado welcome to Serendipity From Jewels!!!

     My new web address is  If you would like to change it in google reader or any other way you come in contact with my blog you can but my old blog address will redirect you to my new site!!!

Love, Jewels{that'me}


  1. That's great, Julia! I enjoy reading your blog. I agree with you, blogging is a great way to be creative.