Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Porch {before/after}

A little sneak peek of things to come..
Okay here is the before....

 and the after...
You might recognize this tree?  It is our thankful tree from Thanksgiving with a little makeover.  A quick little paint job and adding a hanger to the back make this the perfect substitution for the front door wreath.
I had this picture frame in my decor hoard and this too got a little make over.
I tied the letters to the frame using a mix of ribbon and torn fabric...I love it!!!!
Here is a great idea for the use of old pillows you might have shoved into the top of your linen closet.
I cut a pillow in 2 pieces but not in half, I would say approximately I have 2 pieces that are a 1/3 and 2/3 of a pillow.  Then I just wrapped them in fabric and then in the back of the pillow I just saftey pinned it into place.  I found these fabulous felt snowflakes at Target and just hot glued it to the front of one of the pillows.  The throw behind the pillows is not a throw at all but a rug I was given and adds the perfect touch of color. to the bench.
I need to add flowers the canning jars still but I love them hanging there just empty too.
When I saw this basket I knew I had to have it but I left it at the store not just once but twice.  When I left it there the second time because quite honestly I did not quite know what I would do with it but I adored it.. I thought and thought about it and then I knew just what to do.  I went back and lo and behold they still had I snagged it up and brought it home.  I bought a unfinshed frame at Michaels, sprayed the frame with glitter blast.  While that was drying I made this "chalk board" sign out of black card stock and a chalk pen and adhered it to the back of the frame with tape.  Then I just tied the frame to the basket and know the Mail, Fed Ex, and Ups guy will have the perfect place for the deliveries that come this time of year.
Here is is in it JOYfully finshed happiness...
Besides the basket, small frame, and the trees I had everything else in my home.  When decorating for holidays my first suggestion is shop your house first. See what you have that can be something the rug that became a throw...use your imagination and you will be suprised what you can come up with.