Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rainbow Turkey Cookies

When my children came to me TODAY and said we are making turkey cookies to take to school again right??? In my head I was like HECK NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT, that is over 90{we made 105} of those bad boys and they take forever to make, okay not forever but 3 hours roughly!!!  That was in my head but out of my mouth came of course we are lets go shopping for the stuff.  I tell you now if I am going to spend 3 hours making something then I am going to blog it, you can count on that(especially since I did not blog them last year). 
As I said early it was today and I didn't pick up a huge stash of candy corn so I had to do some thinking about what I was going to make the feathers out of and this is what I came up with...rainbow twizzlers!
So what you are going to need to make these cute little guys is:
rainbow twizzlers cut into 1.5 inch pieces or you can use candy corn
oreo double stuff cookies
candy corn
vanilla frosting
wilton candy eyes
red cake decorator frosting in a can with decorator attachments
How you assemble these guys is a lot of simple steps.
Step One with a sharp knife cut the oreo in half.  you can twist to separate the 2 sides but you have more breakage that way.
Step Two place the twizzlers in the red, orange, yellow, green , blue, purple pattern around the frosted half of the oreo.
Step Three take the other half of the oreo and using frosting as the glue place a candy corn in the middle of the cookie, then again using the glue add the eyes right above the candy corn nose.
Step Four use a dab{1 tsp} of frosting and adhere the cookie face to the top of the feathered cookie
Step Five using the round tip of the decorator tips using a squiggling motion make the red "gobbler" {that is what we call it around here}from right under the eye just past the one side of the nose.
Let them dry over night and they are all set to take to a Thanksgiving dinner as a special treat, your child's class, daycare, or even a play date.  I know my children's classes are going to love them and we even made some for my Fun with Books kids.


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