Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Thankful Tree

I have always provided away my children to write down something they are thankful for everyday the entire month of November.   I really love old and rustic looking items and so I came up with this "tree".  
This was so simple to make.  First get a pallet board for the trunk and then to make the branches I just cut pallet boards in random lengths one larger than the next all the way down.  I just took my brad gun to attach the branches to the trunk and viola you have a tree. 
Once you have the tree completed find a space in your home for it.  I provide silk leaves, a permanent marker, and glue dots in a basket.  Then everyday they write down something they are thankful for on the leaves and attach it to the tree. 
A fun and simple way to help your children recognize all their many blessings!!!