Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kids Artwork and an Empty Wall

What to do with this empty space???
Like many of you I have a stairway down to my basement and I always think what can I do with this space and then I think and what problem can I solve at the same time.  I am also sure we all have children's artwork and what do children love to do with it hang it.  My children love to hang their art work and if I let them it would be hanging it on every inch of my walls.  There is not a day when they are not creating something(I wonder were they go that from) and I really wanted a place for it and so I came up with this:
Several years ago I went to Ikea and for almost nothing I mean I think I recall paying .99 for them I bought these magnetic strips complete with magnets.  I had used them for art work and our old home and couldn't decide where to utilize them in our new one.  Until I had a light bulb moment which seems so obvious to me know so we quickly got to work screwing these fabulous things in and readily hanging their current projects up.
My kiddos love their new art gallery and I love that I have a place to hang their artwork that makes us both happy!!!