Friday, September 14, 2012


SOMETIMES in my life...I am a project girl and SOMETIMES I am not.
SOMETIMES I blog about my projects and SOMETIMES I do not.
SOMETIMES I am an organizer and SOMETIMES not.
SOMETIMES I am doing loads of projects with my kiddos and SOMETIMES they find their own thing to do.
SOMETIMES I try new recipes and SOMETIMES I create my own.
 SOMETIMES I stick with the tried and true recipes and SOMETIMES I order pizza.
 SOMETIMES I sacrifice the things I want to do, to do the thing I know I need to do and this is one of those SOMETIMES....
I love to blog and I love to do projects and I love to do all the things I mentioned above and I love my sweet followers but right now I need to help someone else that I love to the depths of my soul, If you noticed there have been less posts around here lately and this is because my days have been spent elsewhere.  This is just going to be a small sabbatical from my list of projects and there are going to be less posts for a time because SOMETIMES you need to look beyond yourself and it is those SOMETIMES that you as a person are created into the person you need to be!!!


  1. You do what you need to do! We'll be here when you get back!

  2. thanks Laura...I think we all have times in our life when we are trying to pick from the good, better, and best option nad helping someone elses seems like the absolute best option right now


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