Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Boys Room {the sign}

I found this on the side of the road(plain in color though) and I had a vision for it from the moment I saw it.  Isn't it funny what can inspire a thought sometimes but this piece of trash just spoke to me.  I readily called my husband and on his way home from work he scooped it up.  It is roughly 6 feet long so this will give you some perspective on the size of this thing(and it was trying to hang this whooper that hurt my back which is better now thank goodness)


I did a wash to it just like I did with the back of the shelves seen here.


Using my silhouette I cut a stencil using just regular printer paper and
 laid it down on the board and adhered it using double sided tape. 
 I didn't care if all the sides were flat down because I didn't want it to come out perfect.

Using orange paint that I had tinted to match a pillow cover for their room I sponge painted over the stencil with a sponge brush and removed the stencil right away.  As you can see there are some imperfections going on which was perfect. Once it was dry I sanded the heck out of it and here it is in its finished glory:

(photo taken by my 7 year old)

I do love when a project turns out exactly how you had envisioned it.
I wanted somewhere in their room to have the words discover(to be seen later)
 and explore and this was a perfect spot for the word explore. 

Why explore and discover?  I have always encouraged my children but especially these 2 boys(who are a little more introverted okay a lot more) of mine to explore the world around you, learn from it, explore with your hands and minds, explore who you are, where you came from, and the gifts He has given you.  The world around you is such a gift explore it and through the exploration you will discover amazing truths and wonders about the world around you and about yourself what you are capable of, what your mind is capable of.  The world and all it has to offer is yours if you just take the time to explore and discover.



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