Friday, July 27, 2012

A Boys Room {the table}

I am working on my 2 youngest boys room ( to see the inspiration ) and one thing that was a request was a table for them to play at.  They both love to play at a table sitting on their bums or on their knees and since I am trying to give this room a teen hang out feeling(this is out of complete laziness because I don't want to redo their room when they are teens so I am hoping it will work when they are teens as well).  I was given this table(sorry I forgot to take a complete before of it) and I was going to donate it because I had no where for it to go it is quite large at over 3 feet in diameter.  As I was figuring out their room I realized it would be perfect and pulled out of the back of the truck that was on its way to the Goodwill.   

See the brown that is the before color:


I quickly gave the top a light sanding and then taped off this section and painted the rest white.  While that was drying I painted the middle stripe teal and then while the teal paint was still wet I removed the 2 inside stripes of painters tape leaving the 2 outer section in place.  After 2 days I went back and placed painters tape over the teal stripe like seen above and painted the 2 new stripes orange and again while the paint was wet I removed the tape..  You will see this in the final picture.

Here is the original bottom and with a couple coats of white spray paint we have...


....this fabulous base.


Here is the finished table top with a surf board stripe down one side.  The great thing is you can do this to about any piece of furniture in whatever colors you choose and it adds huge visual impact and in this case utility as well.
 The boys have loved playing at this table everyday since I have placed it in their room.


You will see the final pictures when I reveal the entire room.
 I am getting so excited to have it finished!!!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Boys Before and Inspiration

As creative people go I would say my mind is constantly swimming with ideas.  When inspiration strikes, however it might happen I write it down or slip into the idea memory bank and often some time will pass before I act on my ideas until I can see the complete picture.  Then I start working on the idea one step at a time until it is done.  I share my process with you so you can understand a bit about me and the randomness of which room I do next.

When we moved into our house we knew the 2 younger boys would go into this blue room together and this is how the furniture was placed when we moved in and this is how it looked the day we were cleaning it out when I realized i probably should have a before have to love the pile of stuff found under their beds:


Their shared room previous was a camping bed room and they love all things outdoors and so we went with that.  When we moved into this new house and their blue room all they wanted was a FISH room...well I am not all about it looking like a scene from Finding Nemo so I kept my eyes peeled for some inspiration and I found this:


I first found the orange, teal, and grey pillow cover at Pottery Barn which was absolutely perfect one of the boys favorite colors is blue and the others is orange so I felt like I struck gold when I found it.  I am one of those moms that likes to get input from the children when it comes to their space and they loved it too...Yahoo!!!   I had my inspiration piece.   One of my boys found the industrial pulley at an antique barn ...I am so glad he drug me back to show it to me.  I spotted this wood crab at Marshalls and then the hard part began... finding boy looking polka dotted(so it looks like bubbles) bedding in teal, grey, and orange..  I searched and searched and then decided to wait until the new college dorm room bedding sets would come out and the hunt began again and I found what you see in the back of all my finds at JcPenney.   

I have been working on lots of projects for this room and will reveal them slowly, very slowly over the next few weeks and am hoping to have it done before the oldest 10th birthday...keeping my fingers crossed!