Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stop and Go

The one thing I LOVED and I mean LOVED about our old home was its size.  I am indeed grateful for our new home with the amount of storage and a layout that works for our family but the size has been something for me to get used to.  Before I knew where my children were at all times and now it is like hide and go seek sometimes.    Before due to space we were forced to spend time together as a family, I had worried when we moved here that was something we were going to lose but we didn't. 

 The one thing I had not anticipated was when we were in the middle of doing family cleaning when they thought they were done off they would go and the usual escape was the basement.  Now this needed to stop.  Everyone has things they need to do every morning and I would often be calling children back up over and over again and as you can imagine this became a source of great contention when one or two would stay to help and the others would slip away to play hopefully undetected by yours truly.  Contention in my home is the number one no no around here and so a solution was going to be found pronto and this is what I came up with and might I add it has worked out fabulously and it was so so simple:

I added a hook to our basement door and found 2 signs at our local school supply store(I am sure you can find these same type of signs online and print them off on card stock on your computer) .

GO = you can go downstairs


STOP = do not go downstairs


Mom and Dad are the only ones that can change the sign and if you are found breaking the sign rule you get a warning and the second time you do not receive your punch for the day(I will explain the punch system at a later day) but you can implement this with your family how it works for your family.

I will tell you we have had huge success with this.  No more contention, no more calling and calling again for children to come upstairs, and we are indeed spending more time as a family which is an added bonus!


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