Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Appreciation APPLE

This was a simple and quick teacher gift we whipped up this week....
I had the cellophane bags you can find in the candy making section at Michaels and added a individual tub of carmel dip followed by an apple.  Tied off the bag with 2 pieces of coordinating ribbon.  The kids punched out paper circles using a 2 inch punch and wrote a little thank you note to their teachers on it.  Punched a whole in it with a hole punch and tied it on. 


I loved this project because the kids really were able to
do it themselves and they turned out so darling!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Girls Just Want To Have Fun PARTY

My one and only girl turned 8 a while back and I had been trying to have her plan the party to no avail.  I soon realized it was too big of a task and so I can up with a plan and then enlisted her in color selection. 

 I had been seeing all these cute wedding photo booth ideas and the thought came to me this could be a really cute idea for 8 year old girls and thus the party was born.  I contacted a friend of mine from church who is a fabulous photographer and asked if she would be up for it and she was up for the task of doing a photo booth shoot with giggly girls and she was in. 

Here are some pictures of the party with some brief explanations of how the FUN was accomplished:


the decorations were these so cute balloons


the most colorful fabulous cupcakes


I gathered flowers for their hair, leis, feather boas,
 glittery sunglasses, mini tiaras, necklaces, big flowers to hold
I also made some chalkboards(I bought different wooden shapes and spray painted them with chalkboard paint and add popsicle sticks for handles), photo booth props on sticks(lips, glasses, funny hair), glittery frame(if you have not used Glitter Blast it is fabulous), a picture frame with the saying of theme of the party


We hung a white sheet/pink and white sheet on some book shelves for the back drop. 
We also draped an ottoman with the pink and white sheet


These pictures are some posed pictures but for the most part we just let them go and a lot of the pictures were just candid which I love!!!



NaBelle wanted to dress me up so here I am in all my diva glory!!!

I did sleep good that night that is for sure!!!