Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Top 10 Bed Rest Activities

I am going to start this post by saying I am fine and resting.  I want no worried Grandmas!

I have been on bed rest in some form or another for all 4 of my pregnancies and I can tell you it is difficult but absolutely doable, for the safety of the baby.  I however found myself on bed rest not being pregnant recently and this became more of a struggle.  Not only was I put on bed rest I had just shopped for no less than 10 projects to do around here when I was rushed to the ER.  I was told to take it easy(I can still paint right????  No according to the husband and mom) and the following day was told I needed to be flat on my back bed rest.   This is when I came up with my Top 10 Bed Rest actvities so without further ado:

10.  Come up with a top 10 bed rest list

9.   Clean out coat closet...yup from flat on my back with my Davids help

8.  Sleep..oh yes who can not catch up on some sleep

7.  Write lists for every project in every room of your house

6.  Write a list of things to do and buy for every party you are going to have at your house this year

5.   Catch up on reading your favorite authors books

4.  Read every magazine in the house make more notes on #7 and #6

3.  Kill Zombies

2.  Facebook Stalk ang Blog Hop


1.  Pin on Pinterest without feeling one little bit guilty