Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Jewel with Jewels

Experience is what you get when things don't go your way.

~Randy Paush~

How true is that we learn from mistakes, trials, and
mishaps more quickly than we do when everything works out perfectly.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Dr Seuss...Red Fish, Yellow Fish.....

It is upon us the week of Dr. Seuss' birthday and as my 6 year old informed me today it is a tradition to have fish the week of Dr Seuss' birthday and so here they are:

Take a bag add fish, make a quick bag topper(I make mine using Microsoft word, in page layout I change it to landscape and then make 3 columns, type it in the font and size you like as long as it fits in the column and print it off, trim each one leaving room at the top, fold in half and staple on to the top of the bag) and there you go a bag of go enjoy reading One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and a fun treat to go with it!!!


Rusitc Finds

The children had a 4 day weekend and so we took the opportunity to have a little get away.  We knew just the place to escape from the phone, computer, and other distractions of life and so we were off.  Not too far away from where we were staying there is a huge antique barn filled with tons of vendors.  I knew to only bring cash with me because honestly I could spend my entire budget for the year in there if I am not careful. They had the most spectacular watch desk that I was just drooling over and dry sink and so I was glad I only brought a small amount of cash and a list of things I wanted with me.  Here are my finds that I so adore:  

(Pepsi crate, blue ball canning jar(not pictured 2 more zinc lids), glass milk bottle and I love that it is covered with 6's(the number of people in our family), and a robins egg blue apple shaped dish)

You will probably notice them around in future posts as I add them around my home.  I love taking something that someone no longer wants and reusing it for my purposes.  It is one of the ways I can help this planet of ours and I so do LOVE vintage finds!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dr Seuss Fun

Last year we had a lot of fun with Dr. Seuss' birthday here and here.......


We will see what I come up with this year!!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


From the time I was born I have had a nickname...Jewels, given to me by my dad.  Even to this day when he or my husband call me Jewels my heart melts a little.  In that spirit of melting hearts a couple of years ago I started a blog called JEWELS.  It was for myself, a place where I would post quotes or videos that I would want to refer back to when I needed a little pick me up, a laugh, inspiration, or a good dose of reality.  It has been over a year since I have posted on that blog and I was trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to accomplish with this blog.  One of those things is a little pick me up for myself and others, the same things I originally wrote the JEWELS blog for. 

Wednesday seems like a good day for a little pick me up, often referred to as hump day.  To get over that hump I will now have A Jewel with Jewels every Wednesday so here is my first jewel:

"If our actions stem from honesty, kindness, caring, and vision,
then no matter what the result of our efforts, we have added
something of value to our souls and to the world." 


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happiness in Family Life Picture Grouping

I had this urgent need to get a few pictures up(a picture of Christ, President Monson, and a temple) and some quotes and couldn't quite decide how I wanted to do it but I knew I didn't want to spend a lot of money (like none) on new picture frames.  After looking through all my picture frames I have propped up against the wall in my room...I decided that was a none of them would work with what I was envisioning so I started thinking about what I could use and those silver trays at the dollar store popped into my head.  We most often see them around blogging land on top of candlesticks being used for serving trays.  They were going to work out perfectly different shapes, ornate around the edges...perfect they worked with my vision of what I wanted and they were a dollar and I could handle that.  

After a couple of coats of black paint and trimmed down pictures that I adhered with double sided tape this is what I have:


After I had the pictures done it was time to find a couple of quotes to do with home and family and as I was researching it out they came to me quite quickly.

The 2 quotes are: Happiness in Family Life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ from The Family: A Proclamation to the World(to read it in its entirty) and the second one "establish a  house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God" Doctorine and Covenants 88:119

I love how it turned out and thank you to my visiting teacher for the Family Home Evening Board to anchor the whole grouping.

My Theme for 2012

Every year I have a motto or theme for my year.  For the most part it is a quote I try to impliment into my life this year I feel like I have been trying to do a little catch up and finally found my quote or should I say a series of quotes for my year.  Absolutely love this video compilation enJOY:


Friday, February 17, 2012

Foyer Phase 4-The Closet

As a reminder here is what the foyer looked like to begin with:


Click here to see phases 1, 2, or 3.

Here is Phase 4:

A lot happend in phase 4 so here is goes......
Due to the fact we have 2 coat closets(SQUEAL...since I lived in a house for 18 years without even 1) we took the doors off of the smaller closet and added this bead board that I painted red to the back of the closet. 

We then added this bench to the closet(I have not decided whether I want to paint or stain it or not so there it sits in its unfinshed glory). 
Added some hooks for back packs and coats I picked up a JoAnns for 60% off moved the shoe bins under the new bench and removed the old bench from the foyer. 

 Added some decorative touches with the pillow(Marshalls) and the dream sign(given to me).

Moved the three baskets from the other closet to this shelf for hats, mittens, and scarves in the fall and winter.  In the spring and summer they will hold sunglasses, sunblock, and summer hats.

Here is the foyer so far I have one more project or two and it will be DONE!!!

Oh yeah I added one thing after I had finished phase 3 and thus the removal of the bench under the message board.  I found a 3 compartment locker basket at a local store which fit perfectly under the calendar.  It has served a very useful purpose the kids empty the papers from their backpacks before hanging them up, this way I can go through the papers quickly in my own time and be able to add anything to the calendar that is needed.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stairs Uncluttered

I had found myself either running endlessly up and down the stairs or making a huge pile of items on the stairs either way it was not working for me.  Our stairs happen to be one of the first places you see when you walk into our house and a pile of clutter is not what I would like people to see so I had pondered getting some baskets and then came up with a much more durable and  inexpensive idea.

For 3.75 at our local tractor supply place they had these 5.5 quart buckets and then with some antique white craft paint I stenciled on the numbers and let them dry.  Tada no more clutter on the stairs.

partying at:
 Tip Junkie handmade projects

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Bags

These bags were super easy to make.  I measured the bags and then created a word document that size, typed in Happy Valentines Day with the font I liked and color and just printed the words right on to the bags using my printer.  Once you have the bags printed, fill them with treats, fold the top of the bag over, using a hole punch punch 2 holes about an inch apart, and last thread  coordinating ribbon through the holes and tie in a knot or bow.


Valentine Mix

This mix will be a fun surprise in my children's lunches tomorrow....

It is made with pink marshmallows, valentine colored candy corn, heart to heart cereal by Kashi, and chocolate covered pretzels(I found a large bag of 20 small bags at Target). 
I love how it turned out, so cute!!!


How Do I Love Thee...

Teaching my children to see the best in each other and others is so important.  The best place to teach this is in the home with their siblings because they do really see each other at their best and unfortunately worst. 

There is a fabulous book called Have You Filled A Bucket Today? and it is all about how everyone has an invisible bucket and you are either a bucket filler or a bucket dipper.  Around Valentines Day we do a refresher on the concepts of this book and here is how we decided to be bucket fillers:

The children each decorated a mailbox with their names on it.  I added ribbon and a heart around a mason jar and filled it with permanent markers and supplied hearts for the children to write something they loved about one of their siblings and then would add it to their mailbox and put the flag up.  It has been fun to watch them try to be sooo sneaky and add a little love note to each others mailbox.  We have even had some friends write cute little notes and sneak them in the mailboxes.  I have used these too and added cute little treats for their lunches into the boxes...and honestly really who doesn't love to get mail!!!


We then take the hearts and add them to this bigger heart I have hanging on my mirror!!!



Valentines Decor