Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Adventures Day One

     Day one of our Advent Adventures we read a book.  IF you have not read this book before I highly recommend it..The Elf on the Shelf the premise of the book is a little elf comes to your home and sees how your children are behaving and every night he goes and tells Santa all the good and not so good stuff happening and then when he comes back that night he is hides in a different spot.  After reading the book we decided on a name for our little elf his name is Frarry( a combo of Fred and Harry) and then we went on a hunt to see if he appeared somewhere around the house and sure enough naming our elf worked believe it or not he was hiding in the flowers on the message board silly Frarry but he did have a good view of whether or not the foyer was free of children's coats, backpacks, boots, mittens and the like.  When the kids realized he was there and could see if they left a mess or not they cleaned it right up good job FRARRY(I love him already).

The second book we read was The Christmas Sweater.  I can not read this book without crying and so now I just have tissues on hand.  All the young boy wants for Christmas is a red shiny bike but what he needed was a Christmas Sweater after a night of dreaming he wakes up and it is Christmas morning as he runs down stairs to the tree he sees his New Red bike but he is looking for something more...I love this story and it teaches a gosepl truth so simply with such a sweet spirit the heart of your little ones can't help but be filled with the Spirt of our Heavenly Father.