Friday, December 30, 2011

Advent Adventures Crash and Burn

     With the best of intentions sometimes life just gets in the way, and this part of my life is called pneumonia.  Our advent adventures continued but a record of what my children and husband did and on what days has been lost by me but I know they did something and some days I participated and some days not and some days I shouldn't have like waiting in line for 2 hours outside in freezing coldness to see Santa..I paid for the next few days  for that decision.  We had a fabulous Christmas and were able to enjoy all of our family traditions except one and the children have not said anything about it so maybe is not so important.  I even was able to finish a project or took me days longer but they were completed. 

    I am certainly looking forward to next year and sharing in some of our projects we have completed and a host of new projects and family fun that are on our to do list for 2012!!!



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