Monday, November 14, 2011


A couple years ago I found a screaming deal...on large antiqueish looking clock hands for $2.  I scooped them right up and knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.  I wanted to hang them up with a quote about time and families but I was unable to find a quote that fit.  Time had passed and I had all forgotten about my clock hands stashed away in my closet and then in October 2010 their was a talk given at General Conference(A time twice a year we are able to hear from our church leaders) called Of Things That Matter Most by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  In the talk he said, "In family relationships love is really spelled
T-I-M-E, time."  There I had it.  My quote the one I had forgotten about.  I am always amazed at the small ways that don't really matter our Heavenly Father shows he is aware of us and loves us.

Now with my quote in hand and a whole year later tada....


I cut pallet boards for the frame and painted them cardinal red and once dry wiped dark walnut stain over them and then wiped it off right away and sanded the edges a bit.  The center is made out of lattice slates that I painted white and again rubbed stain on them and wiped off quickly.  I used my brad gun to nail the slates onto the frame and once all assembled I added the hands to the clock(pointing to 2 o'clock the time we were sealed in the temple).  I measured the remaining area and using my silhouette made a stencil to fit in the space and stenciled a small portion to the quote onto my lattice boards.

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out except for one little oopsey.  I wanted it to go on my mantle but I built the frame to fit the clock hands and so it doesn't fit on my mantle. It is over 3 ft tall so this is a large project to say the least.  Now I am trying to figure out exactly where my ever so loved project can go!!!


Fall Party

In the midst of all the Halloween fun we happen to have both of our mothers birthdays one on the 30th and one on the 1st.  I planned a fun party for my mom and I wanted to share some of the plans with you. We also had a a trunk or treat at the church this evening and my oldest along with the other priests at church were in charge of it so it was one busy day but we had so much fun with our friends and family!!

 Some of these ideas were repeated for the classroom parties as well.  This is going to be a long one but so worth it at least for me.

This is my island full of snacking and drinking happiness.  I do not have a couple of close ups of some things onthe island.  1. The clemintines I actually drew jack olantern faces on each one with a food marker adn 2.  the buckets I picked up at the one spot at target and filled them with green, brown, and orange tootsie pops.


I love to do apples this way for all holidays.  You cut the apple in slices so their is the star in the middle and then you cut the center out using the small Wilton cookie cutters.  Dip them in pineapple juice so they don't brown and tada non browning apple slices.  These are great for kids lunches too.


I cut up carrots and celery sticks and the wrapped them together with raffia and


for the dip cut off the top of a small pumpkin, scooped it out, added a small bowl and
our favorite veggie dip.


This was soooo fun to do and I used it for my 2nd graders class too and it was a hit everywhere.

For the BOX:
Get a shirt box(I got mine from Kohls and it already had a black strip) add ribbon around it with double sided tape and then cut foam to fit snuggly in the box.  Take lollipop sticks and push them into the foam.

The cones were simple to make I cut a piece of cardstock in half and then made cones securing them into the cone shape with double sided tape.  A quick note you want to leave a small hole at the bottom so you can slide the cone over the lollipop stick easily.   Add yummy treats.  We added cheetos and chexmix for our fall fare.  You can if you want cover the foam with candy we used candy corn.


Why had I not thought of this before who knows but my husband and our fabulous elders quorum president drilled holes into the lids of some pint size jars big enough for a straw to go through.  I cut black circles to cover the loids and filled them with ice and some yummy orange drink(orange hawaiim punch in this case)


My NaBelle who is a huge helper whipped up these cute little acorn treats while I showered.  Mini Nutter Butters and Hershey Kisses glued together with frosting.  I know if I would have done them there would be no frosting showing and they would be perfect but they tasted the same and she had so much fun doing it and that is really what matters.


I hope you enjoyed my little tour through our fall party!!!

Mummy Bars

For my third graders party it was all mummies and the project I would like to share is making a mummy wrapped candy bar for them to take home.  It is so simple and easy to do.

Cut white crepe paper in half length wise and then on the back of the bar put a dab of glue using a glue stick.  Stick one of the ends and wrap until the whole thing is covered twice adn then add another dab of glue to secure the end. 


Glue on googly eyes and there you have it a mummy.  I also with the help of my teen wrapped 60 juice boxes this way too and the kids loved them!!!


Halloween Playdough

I happen to be a room parent for all three of my younger childrens classes(thus the blogging break down) and so for the kindergarten class I had them make these cute little containers of play dough.
I made my favorite playdough recipe found here and made it orange and white and then added the play dough to some of my favorite containers (they come in a pack of 10 and the Dollar Tree).
After the containers were full we made them into either a pumpkin or a mummy depending onthe color so lets start with how to make the mummy.

Mummy Playdough

You Need:
white crepe paper
googly eyes
glue stick
permanent marker optional

To Make
Cut the crepe paper in half lenth wise. 
Use the glue stick and put glue all the way around the sided of the container.
Wrap container with crepe paper.
Glue on googly eyes and if wanted add mouth to make it a ghost.

Pumpkin Playdough

You need:
Orange paper cut into circles(I used the largest fiskar circle punch and they fit perfectly into the top)
googly eyes
green  and black crayons or markers

To Make;
Glue oramge circle to lid of container.
glue on googly eyes
Draw jack o lantern face

These were fun for the kids to make and they were able to play with the playdough too at the party which is great to keep kiddos busy while their classmates were finishing up!!!


Pumpkin Lunch

For my childrens Halloween lunch we went with pumpkins.  Cheese cut out as pumpkins, apple slices with pumpkins cut out, I even found prestzels and fruit snacks with pumpkin shapes and who can forget a pb&j cut inthe shape of a pumpkin.  They Loved It! 

And for their drink they had the following:


I bought Sunny-Ds and removed the label and then drew on a jack-o-lantern face with a permanent marker adn then glued ribbon around the top for a little finish.  It was a fun additon to their pumpkin lunches.