Saturday, October 1, 2011

Veggie Monsters

This was so fun to do with my teenager.

To make the veggie monsters you need to: 1. Deseed a green pepper and put a small mouth slit near the bottom 2. You peel a carrot and then make a long peel for the tongue 3. Slice a cucumber with the peel on 4. Cut some large broccoli florets 5. Cut 2 toothpicks in half

 To assemble it you need to: 1. From the inside of the pepper poke the toothpicks through where the eyes should be and them add a cucumber slice to both and a grape tomato to both. 2. Add Broccoli to the top for the hair 3. Add peppers to a platter surround with vegetables. 4. Insert carrot tongue into slit and place over vegetables. The kids really got a kick out of these 2 guys!!!!