Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My REAL Reality!

* a brief disclaimer.....I want to start off by saying I am ever grateful for our truckload of treasures or this room would have stayed empty for years to come as well as some other underfurnished rooms.  So thank you to my dad and stepmom, they were very generous!

I was talking to a friend the other day and she felt like she wasn't enough but she is fabulous..you hear me you are FABULOUS!!!  I said we all feel like we aren't enough sometimes and she said but you are always doing something.  This is when I realized I became one of them.  You know the women that appear to have it all and are all together on the outside.  Put on their best face.  Never share their failures you know one of those women that make the rest of us feel as though we can never measure up.  It broke my heart because I swore I would never be one of those women.... I would always be real. 

The REAL reality of it all is I LOVE serving, creating, doing.  When I stop I become less of who I am.  I fall into a depression that I literally have to pull myself up out off and if I don't catch it quick enough it is a real issue.  This is my reality.  The part of me that others don't see.  They don't see me in bed for 3 days, unshowered, and bedraggled...they see me at my best, when I am on my A game..well I really don't have an A game my E game(E for Effort)..... some day I will be perfect but that day is not today or tomorrow either so I will settle for my E game. 

Here is a glimpse into my REAL reality:

and most of all this:

This is my reality and this reality would not be too bad if every room was perfect...they are not by any stretch of the imagination.  I have boxes in almost every closet waiting to be unpacked(maybe if they are left there long enough I can say we don't need the items in said boxes and we can give them away). 

We often in blogland shy away from reality and show our fabulous projects in our clean houses but how often do we shove something aside to take that perfect picture.  I know I do!  I wanted to share a bit of my reality so you would know I am just like some of you..I have a reality and it is very real!  Now off I go to deal with some of this reality!!!



  1. Way to admit that you've become one of "THOSE" women. That's hard to do. I too have realized that, but there are those that you are close to that know the "real" you. Thank you for sharing a bit of your reality! :D

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  3. sorry I can't spell!

    I look at that and think-oh but she knows the possibilities. In the midst of the craziness it's still fun to dream. Sometimes it just takes time to make all the dreams come true.... Way to be real!