Friday, September 23, 2011

Apples 101

A new version of bobbing for apples-cut apple shapes out of craft foam, with a permanent marker write upper case A on half and lower case on the other half. I float them in a tub of water that is half full and have the kids grab them out with tongs seperating them into upper and lowercase groups by sticking them to the side of the tub and saying the sound A's make.

Throw play apples into a bushel basket singing the a song. (the A says ahhhhh the A says ahhhhh every letter makes a sound the A says ahhhhhhh.

Go to an orchard and pick apples if you can.

Cut apple in half both ways and dip into red paint and make apple prints.

Apple tree sequencing cards.

Read books about apples.

Get red and green pom poms and have them seperate them into groups and then count them into baskets. For fine motor skill you can also have them pick up the pom poms with a clothes pin or kiddie chopsticks.

Program tree patterns with different letters on them and using the pom poms above play apple tree bingo.

Spray foam balls with red spray paint and then with a skewer poke 2-3 holes through the ball. At the top of the ball poke a green pipe cleaner in and make it into the shape of a stem and leaf and glue into place. For each ball take a green pipe cleaner and bend both ends over a half inch, this is your worm. You now have apples and wormmsa nd you have the children weave the worms through the apple holes. They love it!!!


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