Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Magic Pinecones

Your children will be amazed and in awe around your next campfire with the addition of a few pinecones.  Well okay not just any pincones,  magic pinecones. 
You Need:
Dry Pinecones
White Glue
Small paint brush
¼ C Table Salt-yellow flames
¼ C Powdered borax-yellow/green flames
¼ C Salt substitute-violet flames
¼ C Epsom Salt-white flames
4 aluminum pie pans
Wax Paper
To Make:
Measure out each of the 1/4 Cup chemicals into seperate bowls.
With the paint brush paint glue on the tips of the pinecones.  Holding the pincone over the aluminum pan spoon first chemical over the pinecone until glue is coated. Place on wax paper to dry completely. Repeat with remaining chemical.  Repeat with each kind of chemical. 
Now that you have made your 4 different kinds of pincones the magic begins at your next campfire. Just throw one of the pinecones on the fire and watch the flames change color.  Children love magic pinecones!!!! 



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