Thursday, June 2, 2011

Occupy Their Time-They CAN Do It

Below I posted about actvity bags for the kids and now their home is complete. I have a book shelf right near our kitchen and I had these great black boxes that I bought years ago to fit on these shelves(I have 4 other book shelves just like this one)and I had 2 boxes on each book shelf. Stealing a shelf from one of the other book shelves, bringing all the boxes together and adding the numbers did the trick. They each have a number and then there are other activities they love to do in the remaining boxes.  While I make dinner they get to choose a box to keep them occupied(and out of mischief) while I am occupied! 

These have been a big hit and they even want to get into them at other times during the day and they really do keep them occupied for long periods of time through the day!



  1. what do you put in the boxes?, this is a great idea. got a few ideas myself but thought i would ask.

  2. Yeah I would love to know what you put into each box and how you sort/separate for different aged kids