Saturday, June 18, 2011

Have you noticed:

      I have been MIA lately, well it has been a bit of crazy around here and I will tell you that trend is probably going to continue.  We leave on the 25th for CA for a week(we are from MI so it is a trip) ...Disneyland, Legoland, Sealife and San Diego Wildlife Park here we come!!!  We come back on the 2nd and leave on the 3rd for an overnight trip and come back on the 4th late.  Then it is time to get ready for our next adventure: camping for a week, we leave on July 9th and return home the 16th.  Take a breath(I am saying that to myself)  that was all part of the plan because our oldest son has youth conference this weekend and my husband has a business trip starting July 23rd for the week and then High School sports start Aug 1st.  This left us little time to go on vacation and so 2 trips virtually on top of eachother was a must and now on to why it has been a bit of crazy around here and why it is going to continue is we are:


This was not part of our plan this summer but here we are.  Heavenly Father works in miraculous ways sometimes and this is one of those times.  If you note the schedule above we close on the house July 20th!!!  Thus the crazy and the deep breathes.  It is going to be a great thing but the timing of it all is a bit stressful to be honest .  Luck for us we are in a position were we can buy, move, and then sell our current home which I am trying to refer to more and more of as the house.  So this is why I have been MIA and soon I will have new home projects to share and old home ones too!!!


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