Thursday, June 30, 2011

Camping with Kids TIP 6 LUNCH & SNACKS


These are one and the same when we are camping simply because we spend most of our lunch and snack times on the beach so we bring them with us. 

Several years ago I bought a picninc basket at Target.  It looked like a basket but it was actually weaved with plastic.  This has been a fabulous thing to take camping and to the beach because you can just spray it down and then to keep things cold we have a cooler on wheels. 

Our list of lunch and snack items are:

fruit bars(like nutri grain bars)
pb crackers
granola bars
cheese sticks
babel cheese
laughing cow cheese wedges
triscuits or other whole grain crackers
prepackaged fruit cups(then you can use the cups to dip in the sand)
real fruit strips(Archer Farms at Target)
popcorn-I will talk about how I make this later in treats
trail mix*recipe below
water bottles

I like that everything is wrapped individually because sand gets everywhere and this way things are protected.  Again this is simple with no cleanup and you are having fun in the sun!!!  Enjoy the trail mix recipe below and think of simple lunches and snacks until tomorrow BYE!!!

*Trail Mix
If you follow my blog you know we have trail mix available all the time and when we are camping it is no different except it is not a mish mash of items it is very deliberate.  This is the only food item I prepare ahead of time for camping and I make 6-1-2 gallon bags of it to last the whole week so it is a whole lot of trail mix

3lbs of Almonds
3lbs of Dries Cherries
Large box of cheerios
2 bags of small sized pretzels

These amounts are approximates becasue I just keep making batches until the bags are full.

**tip do not add anything chocolate to your trail melts in the sun!


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