Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Camping with Kids TIP 5 BREAKFAST

Now to the fun the actual food.  When we camp breakfast is simple remember tip 1 is simplify.  We buy granola bars, pb crackers, poptarts, and instant oatmeal(this even can come were you can just add the water to the pouch).  We let the kids pick if they want and apple or banana(I keep these in a bowl on the middle of the picnic table) with it.  Gogurts are often found in the cooler.  Yes not all of those options are healthy but it is only for a week and they are healthy enough and they are simple options.  We do however do 1 or 2 more time consuming breakfasts and they are soooo fun.

1.  Breakfast in a Bag.  The children love this and you can find the how to here

2. Omelets in a Bag     This also is fun to do with the kids.  We make this into a science lesson too. We ask them ?'s like What do you think will happen to the eggs when we drop them in the water?  Why do we need to makes sure the bag is sealed tight?  What would happen if it wasn't?  For the recipe go here

Remember keep it simple, try to make it healthy and don't fret if it isn't and remember this week is about fun!!! 

Tomorrows Tip Lunch and Snacks!!!  Until then come up with some fun and simple breakfasts!!!