Monday, May 23, 2011

Pool Party Treat

We have a summer birthday boy(we actually have 2)and today is the day we are going to bring his treat to his class. Since I was relaxing all weekend and quite honestly who wants to bake in 85 degree weather and this idea is the cutest for a summer birthday and no bake.

It is a pool with a child floating in a inner tube or is it?

What you need:
*shortcakes(you find them at the store near the strawberries)

*vanilla pudding or frosting mixed with blue food coloring(or blue moon icecream which wouldn't work for the class)

*sour patch kids

*gummi life savers

Put a spoonful of frosting in the middle of the shortcake.
Pull sour patch kid through center of life saver and place into the middle of the "pool" Done in no time I made 24 in roughly 5 minutes with the help of the kids!!!!

These would also be so cute with added paper umbrellas!