Monday, May 23, 2011


      With school ending I thought I would share the following to help with school prep over hte summer.  I made these in the winter time but they are perfect all year. 

     Life gets busy as we all know and I was feeling like I wasn't giving my children enough. That is the only way I can describe it as...just not enough. In particular the educational practice they need and in the case of my children, want. I knew there was an easier and more efficient way and in 1 hour for my three younger children I came up with these:


Practicing counting 1-10 and patterns. Also by putting the beads on the pipe cleaners-fine motor skills.

Upper case and lower case puzzles. I also have him practice the sounds when he is doing this activity.

Name Practice. He loves putting the magnetic letters in order and then practicing writing his name. Okay okay not totally true he loves putting the letters in the correct order and singing the little song I taught him to practice his name. He could do without needing to practice writing it!

Fine Motor Skills by taking pop poms from one container to the other.


Reading and words, words, words! Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

She absolutely loves these we practice counting and patterns with these and they are great for fine motor skills as well.

Practicing words again and this time she is writing them too!

Yes these are rose petals and as you know my girl is a girly girl and lets be honest what better way to pracice counting to 1-100 and learning all the numbers in between than by using rose petals...maybe chocolate!

First Graders:

He loves to pracitce making words and writing them out. We also use them to practice his word wall words(not pictured)

Time to learn time and he loves that he can check it himself when I am busy making dinner!

Show me the money, another concept they work on in first grade and he loves this too!

This is for him and I to do together and he loves to play these fun games while learning his addition and subtraction!

These little activity bags have done a number of things for me. 1. If you are going to a meeting or doctors they can grab a bag or two 2. It has given them something to do while I make dinner, that I have chosen but they get to choose too.   3. I feel like I am giving them more of an opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time!