Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!!!

     Happy Mothers Day to all the great mothers, trying to be mothers, someday will be mothers and all motherly figures in my life.  What wonderful examples of mothers you are to me. 

     MY husband and children were wonderful to me and as traditions go I plan nothing that day NOTHING they take care of it all.  Which for me is the best gift!   They made me breakfast not in bed.  I prefer it that way, because they do something else I love they make the table beautiful just for me with tableclothe and is gorgeous every year and I love it!!! My son made me eggs to order and it makes me a proud mommy to watch him do something I taught him.  As for gift giving goes the breakfast and sleeping in would have been enough, we have a tradition that we take the children shopping and they pick out things that they like to do with us for Mothers and Fathers Day so I received a movie, crafts supplies and a cookbook and this is what I spent the rest of my day doing crafting, deciding on a recipe or too to make together and a movie will be watched in the near future!!!



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