Tuesday, March 8, 2011

St Patricks Day Rice Table

The first thing you need to do is make the rice. 

2 cups rice
10 drops food coloring
1 tsp rubbing alcohol

Stir it until all the rice is colored.
Dump it on to newspaper to dry out

 I make the colors in this order from left to right.  I make the pink, purple, then blue and wash the bowl.  Then I make gree and wash the bowl.  Then yellow and then orange.  I do it in this order specifically so I don't have to wash the bowl between every color.

Once dry pour the rice into a dishpan, sand table, or a shallow rubbermaid container will work.
Add green items..I added large shamrock confetti, green and gold coins, green sparkle pompoms, and gree glass rocks.

I also added small appetizer tongs, small ladles, 2 green buckets, and a funnel.

I love using the sand table this way..my children enjoy just playing with the rice, filling hte buckets, sorting the items, and its counting fun too!!!