Thursday, March 10, 2011

Repurposed Quilt Rack

I had a 2 part dilemma:

1.  Our Mudroom/Laundry Room is very tiny and a lot is packed into that small space so when it comes to things needing to be dryed out they end up over the shower curtain rod, the back of dining room chairs etc..this needed to change ecspecially with it getting wetter and wetter and we still have snow but it is wet, wet snow.
2.. I have  this quilt rack and it has had 1 yes count it 1 afghan hanging over it for 10 years.  I have contemplating its departure from our home for some time but I LOVE it and so it has made it hard to part with but it was taking up much needed real estate.

The Question:  How can I reuse the quilt rack more efficiently and find a spot for it that is unused space in the house and what can I use it for?  Part of that question was answered by dilemma is perfect for hanging quilts over why not wet clothes too.  Then I started thinking we always have clothes that need hanging out...raincoats, swimsuits, towels you get the picture it is an all year around dilemma, you need somewhere to hang children's wet stuff.
Now to find the spot and I did.  There is a dead spot right under my teenage sons window(teenagers(boys anyways) sleep and dress in there room this is it sleep and dress) why do they have a room I ask myself sometimes. It is in the corner and his closet door is right there so nothing ever gets put there.  Now the test can the quilt rack be there and him still have full access to 1 of the things he does in his room open his closet to get dressed....YES!!! 



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