Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still Showing LOVE

I love to have these crackers on hand for last minute running out the door to watch a child playing sports, trip to the park, or mom a need a snack for?????  You know what I mean..there is always a time when you need to grab a quick biet for the younger ones to tide them over until dinner.  I don't however like that they are kind of plain so I add stickers to them.  This time around it was leftover Valentines stickers and I snuck them into the kids lunch and they came home with huge smiles about their "I love you" crackers! I only decorated the 2 of them this morning so when they came home from school we had a fun little project to do while we talked about their days!

You need:
Individually wrapped crackers

To Make:
It is obvious...Right?