Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rescued and Reused!!!

I found this on the side of the road and I left it there.  I actually left it there for 6 days until I had an idea for it. I was going to use it to store winter/summer clothes in the off season.  My sweet husband drug it home and as he was about to start dragging it up the stairs..I changed my mind(he was so happy..it is heavy):

 and decided to use it for this:

TO STORE MY CRAFT and FHE STUFF(this too made my hubby happy)!!!!!

All we did to it was add  a shelf and magnet catches for the doors and then I started to fill with my beloved crafty things..which fit perfectly.

It is organized from top to bottom:
1st Shelf-in the 3 white drawers scissors, punches, ribbon, glue gun, and all other craft odds and ends
in the 7 small drawers double sided tape, glue dots, magnets, velcro, etc and the basket holds paint picture frames paper cutter and other larger craft items
2nd Shelf(this shelf slides out how perfect is that)- FHE file folders are in the basket(FHE stuff needs a space too and it fit here perfectly) and a black wooden tray with glass jars for other misc craft items
3rd Small Shelf- fits perfectly my Silhouette and its supplies
Bottom Shelf- is home to my sewing machine, a basket for material and my sewing box

I didn't let an inch go to waste:

I attached these paper holders to the door using velcro dots.  Perfect for the much used scrapbook papers.

And door #2:

Our Family Home Evening Board!!!

I am so happy with how it turned out and now all of my craft items are in one space!